Meet Your SUCCESS Coach, Lourdes Goodson


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Lourdes Goodson

(832) 675-1987


We’re so fortunate to meet each other…
Your timing is perfect!

I’m grateful we found this opportunity to meet, and the chance to get you in front of a new and profitable source of cash flow! It’s my privilege to walk you through and show you what I’m doing to make this work for me. I know it can work for you because the way our opportunity and system work together all but guarantees your success!

What makes it so profitable is that we have a lock on something that people need, want, and buy every day. And the truth is they’re buying whether you or I make it available to them or not… So let’s get you your fair share of the pie! My job is to show you how easy it is and to help you when you need it.

3 Simple Reasons why we’re experiencing success, even with absolute newbies:

  • The First is the perfect company, 3different ethnic hair types, (Brazilian, Russian Blonde & Vietnamese) and an opportunity in a huge market with lots of activity.


  • The Second is the Luxury Hair Direct system that automates the process of sharing our company’s products and opportunity with others


  • And Third is by working together, we leverage our time, talents, and resources.

I encourage you to reach out and contact me by phone, e-mail or however so we can find out if our ideas and interests match up! And as soon as possible!! Success is so much easier when you’re supported by experience, and able to tap into the tested resources our team offers you!
So let’s make contact – let’s find out if this is for you!

~ Lourdes Goodson